Hi! I'm Jaime :)

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My professional journey through cyberspace started in 2002.

Out of my own inspiration, I decided to learn about web hosting, domain registration services and basic HTML. In parallel, I partnered with a good friend of mine to take care of the Sales & Business Development side of his web design venture.

I registered my first domain name in 2003, interalta.com and this set the start of my own business venture, way before Instagram, YouTube or even Facebook ever existed. Assets were successfully sold a couple of years later, but I kept the domain name for myself.

I started a virtual community in 2006 out of one single post to discuss about web hosting and it grew exponentially in the following years until it became the leading website on that topic, in Spanish. Thanks to Internet Archive's Wayback Machine you can have an idea about how comunidadhosting.com looked like back then. I successfully sold comunidadhosting.com in 2019.

Ever since, I have accumulated over 18 years of experience in Internet related ventures: Web Hosting Servers / Domain Names / cPanel / DNS / Helpdesk & Customer Service / Technical Sales / SEO / Marketing / Benchmarking / Copywriting / Product Management / Business Development. And I still own and manage a handful of web properties.

Get in touch with me at any time via LinkedIn or Twitter, especially if you are near Barcelona or Copenhagen area. I'm always up for a cup of tea!

My Story in Figures

510,000 Posts

That's the number of posts that my former web property comunidadhosting.com, a forum-based community, had reached in 2019 before I sold it.

156,000 Visits

That's the (average) number of visits that all of my web properties receive each month, combined.

42,000 Members

That's the number of members that my former web property comunidadhosting.com, a forum-based community, had reached in 2019 before I sold it.

37 Countries

That's the number of countries I've been to so far. Some of them because of work, like Mexico or Australia, but most of them because of the pleasure of travelling around the world.

16 Websites

That's the number of web properties I currently own and manage. In fact, 17 including this one. For example, a blog about hosting (in Spanish) or a free web tool to Check DNS records (in English and other languages).

16 Years Donating CPU Run Time

I joined WorldCommunityGrid (by IBM & BOINC) back in 2005 and I have donated over 12 years of CPU Run Time ever since to support scientific research on topics related to health, poverty and sustainability. Would you like to contribute as well?

12 Years Donating Disk Space

I started to give back to Internet in 2009 by donating disk space and bandwidth to support several Open Source projects, from a number of mirror servers around the world. Over a decade later, I still provide and maintain a free, public mirror server.

2 Years Donating to Internet Archive

I like to donate to the Internet Archive often. Would you like to contribute as well? Even a small donation of just $5 every now and then can make a positive impact to help to preserve the largest online, non-profit library and web archive worldwide.

1 Post

Just one single post. That's how my greatest achievement to date (comunidadhosting.com) began in 2006... and from there to more than 510,000 posts under my vision and leadership. So, who knows? Maybe one single message might be the beginning of new, exciting opportunities!


A sunny day on a beach in northern Colombia, by the Caribbean Sea :)

Selfie by the Caribbean Sea